It’s time for you to do less & get MORE

from your investments with owner financing

Discovery Sessions are designed to help you determine which owner

financing strategies will work best for your unique situation, avoid rookie

mistakes, and end up with a note worth holding or selling.

Ready to get high-value support for your property transactions?

As a property owner, you already know that

buying & managing income-producing property

is one of the best ways to create wealth.

But lately you’ve considered selling your property, and are wondering

if owner financing might be the best course of action.

Weary Landlord?

You’re tired of managing… tenant & maintenance problems are turning your “passive income dream” into an absolute nightmare

Need Cash?

Lately your investment is eating you instead of feeding you, and you could really use an injection of capital and some truly hassle-free income

Looking to Sell?

If you want to sell quickly for the highest price possible, you need to advertise ‘owner will carry’… you’ll have buyers scrambling

OR maybe one of these rings a bell...

  • You'll carry a note but you need more cash...

You need more money than the buyer has for a

down payment, but you don't want to take a big discount

  • You want to defer capital gains...

Your goal is to maximize your income for retirement and you’re passionate about leaving behind a great inheritance. The idea of writing the IRS a massive check makes you sick to your stomach!

  • You don’t know enough about owner-financed transactions to comfortably move forward...

You’ve learned just enough to know that a critical mistake could blindside you down the road. You wonder if this will work even if you still have a mortgage… (short answer is: yes!)

  • You’re not getting the right support...

You realize that while your attorney, accountant or broker may understand how to walk you through a seller-financed transaction, unless they actively buy and sell notes for their own portfolio, they have absolutely no idea what your note would be worth if you (or your heirs) ever needed to sell it for cash…

  • You can see the writing on the wall…

Federal moratoriums on eviction and foreclosure, skyrocketing property taxes and insurance, and the creeping sprawl of rent control. In fact, sometimes it almost seems as if there’s an all out war on personal property rights, so you figure now’s a good time to roll out of real estate holdings and reposition.